Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fight The Flights

Yesterday afternoon I met representatives of Fight The Flights to hear their concerns about the expansion of London City Airport.

They raised a number of legitimate objections, including the incidence of pollution related illness near the airport and noise disturbance which affects people living some distance away as well as the adjacent neighbours. This coincides with a complaint of overflying that I received from a councillor representing Gants Hill.

They also highlighted plans to develop derelict land within or close to the designated crash zone and questioned claims that the airport was creating jobs for local people.

I felt that they made a convincing case on behalf of the residents who live close to the airport who will undoubtedly experience more noise and pollution as the number of flights increases, particularly if these are jet planes rather than the current propeller driven models. I am sympathetic but it is the needs of my own constituents who live further away that I must focus upon - and this is what worries me.

An increase in overflying by noisier aircraft will certainly harm the quality of life in Havering and in Redbridge. Whilst I don't get many complaints, I am getting more than I used to, and of course most constituents will rightly take the matter up with their MP rather than me, as aviation is the responsibility of government.

David Cameron has made his opposition to the expansion of Heathrow very clear but the position on City Airport is less clear. So I'm interested in hearing opinions from my constituents.

And to ensure I get a balanced picture I will be speaking to the airport management soon.


Barkingside 21 said...

I have recently had a few residents ask me if I know anything about low flying and noisy large aircraft over Barkingside. I have noticed it myself too here in Clayhall.

Would you let me know by email which Councillor has contacted you, so I can follow it up with him/her?

Fight the Flights - Not Anti Aviation - But Anti Expansion. said...

Fight the Flights has written a short blog on the meeting with Roger,thanking him for his time and giving credit where credit is due.

I am glad we met with you Roger.

Anonymous said...

Nice to hear thet you met with Fight The Flights and listened to what they said.It seems a very positive move and much appreciated.

Anonymous (2) said...

Roger, look at the Romford Recorder 24 July 2009 - you will see that your constituents are getting annoyed about aircraft noise!. I have included the link, so hopefully it works!

Anonymous (2) said...

For those that want to know about the London City Airport planning application meeting at Newham Town Hall held in July 2009. Should check the Figth the Flight blog.

I have included the link....