Monday, February 02, 2009

Winter Wonderland

Well, Romford actually. This is the scene that greeted me when I opened the curtains this morning. The view across the Brewery car park to the cinema is transformed by several inches of snow that fell overnight.

Later on I will be taking the huskies and sledge over to Sainsburys for supplies and dodging polar bears when I visit the bottle bank with the weekend's empties. Then I will challenge transport for London and One Great Eastern to get me to the office.

And it's still snowing...


morris hickey said...

TfL are a disgrace. This was forecast well in advance, and I am reliably informed that Redbridge Council was treating main roads and bus routes from early yesterday evening and through the night. It is continuing as I write. Why then is this incompetent organisation running no buses, and no tube trains on certain parts of lines? A bloody disgrace.

sjm said...

We've been out today round and about Barkingside, and the main roads are slushy but usable - why no buses?

Roger Evans said...

I understand the buses are now running at least on some routes - I have seen them around in Romford.

TfL say that several skidding incidents and minor collisions overnight led them to believe that the roads were too icy for safe driving. I have some sympathy, having never experienced anything this extreme in 21 years of London living, however I would expect services to restart during the day, and hopefully the problem won't recurr tomorrow.

Over caution or the only sensible response? It is safe to say that there will be questions at the TfL Board, and the Assembly transport committee might mount an investigation - they definitely would if I was still chairman but under Labour and the Libs they are focussed on Livingstone's former 'wish list' of projects.

morris hickey said...

I was in Barkingside late afternoon and saw buses on routes 169, 247, and 275. No mention on TfL's website of the 169 and 247!! The curious thing was that I saw no buses on routes 128 and 462 - they come from the same garage as those on the 275.

This woeful performance requires investigation, and not the smug, self-satisfied complacency of Peter Hendy.

Rog T said...


First major transport issue for London with Boris as Mayor. I'm afraid to say that it wasn't good.

The met office were warning Boris about this for a week. What planning did he do, knowing the blizzards were coming?

Marks out of 10 for how London coped please?