Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Low Hanging Fruit

Budget committee today considered the savings that will need to be made to freeze the City Hall budget. Deputy Mayor, Sir Simon Milton commented that in his 20 years of experience in local government this had not been a particularly difficult budget to set, with an abundance of 'low hanging fruit' to pick from.

Highlights include:

£1,056k saved by deleting a large number of vacant posts. Some of these had been unfilled for up to five years, yet they appeared in Livingstone's budget every February.

£1,464 from restructuring the Mayor's Office and Press Office.

£174k saved by reducing free lets of our prestigious venue, London's Living Room.

£40k saved by cutting funding for Peace Week.

£771 saved from mayoral stakeholder programmes. These included such gems as the Venezuela Project £66k, Ethnic Media Monitoring £48k, National Assembly Against Racism £60k, and Voter Participation £20k.

Star question of the meeting came from chairman, Labour's John Biggs - "So, Mr Milton, what are the unforeseen risks?"


morris hickey said...

Has Mr Biggs ever met Gordon McBroon or Alastair Lovely? They are better experienced in "unforeseen risks" thank just about anybody I knwo.

Dave Hill said...

I'm a bit worried about next year's fireworks, Roger. Have a word would you!?!?!?!?

Roger Evans said...

Do you mean the political fireworks or the real ones? I hope both are guaranteed...

morris hickey said...

In the event that this strategy should prove to be a damp squib I just hope somebody will get a rocket for it.