Monday, November 03, 2008

Havering Book Festival

This morning I attended the launch of the Havering Book Festival at the new Hornchurch Library.

Councillors were invited to donate their favourite book to the book crossing project. These books then go into circulation and we are able to track their progress - using mysterious new technology - and learn what the readers think about them. Naturally, I have put my own book into the project, and I took the opportunity to donate five copies of Gremal Quest to the Havering library service.

Featuring in the picture - left to right - are:
Nikki Dunn, Havering library service.
Cllr Coral Jeffrey
Cllr Andrew Curtin
Cllr Roger Evans
Cllr Georgina Galpin
Cllr John Mylod
Cllr Lynden Thorpe
All with favourite books, which will be available at Fairkytes later this week.

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