Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Last of the Londoner

The Mayor has made good on his election promise and ceased publication of 'The Londoner', Livingstone's supportive propaganda sheet.

This move will save £2.9 million from the City Hall budget and Boris plans to invest £1 million of this in planting new street trees around London. This instead of cutting trees down to make newspapers. Where the trees will go is still to be decided, so any suggestions would be welcome - I will pass them on.

Under the old regime, Transport for London, the Met Police and of course the LDA, were forced to contribute to the cost of producing the Londoner. TfL had to buy three full pages of advertising in every issue. Only the Fire Brigade escaped the 'Londoner Tax' because members of its authority were brave enough to reject Livingstone's edict.

Boris has made a flying start in his first week - long may the new broom continue to sweep clean.

1 comment:

sjm said...

I'm delighted with Boris's first fortnight - perhaps you could enlarge on the atmosphere in City Hall nowadays, please?

As for trees, whilst I live in Ilford North, I think there are very depressed areas in Ilford South that could do with the benefits of that new programme, perhaps starting with a couple of main roads that look distinctly tatty.