Saturday, May 24, 2008

Boris Johnson Faces First Question Time

On Wednesday Boris took questions from the London Assembly.

The question time format provides a useful opportunity to raise constituency matters, so I started by asking about the withdrawal of bus route 500 which serves Havering-Atte-Bower. For some years now we have been trying to get TfL to provide a decent bus service to the village, not only for local people, but also for visitors and staff travelling to St Francis' Hospice, including up to 20 day patients. Livingstone's administration always refused to consider providing a service, preferring to focus their efforts on inner London. Boris made a good start by expressing support and agreeing to meet with myself and Romford MP, Andrew Rosindell, to discuss possible solutions, including extending existing bus services to the village.

I also raised the level of cleaning in the Gants Hill subways, and the Mayor has promised to have this reviewed.

Labour members chose to snipe away, with a puerile stunt involving a cycling helmet and detailed questions which no reasonable person would expect to get an answer to without providing notice. Perhaps they were asleep for the last eight years, because they should have remembered that Livingstone never gave a detailed response, and the MQT format allowed him to avoid doing so - clearly they need to go away and rethink their approach, as with so many things...

And former politicians Peter Hulme Cross and Ken Livingstone were in the gallery, the latter looking sour and out of place. The quality of political groupies has declined since April.


Dave Hill said...

Hello Roger. According to a young man who works in my local mini-market Gants Hill has a halal Chinese restaurant - the nearest one to Hackney. Do you know it? Have you been there?

Roger Evans said...

Hello Dave, Gants Hill has two Chinese restaurants and I have eaten in both, but if either is halal they don't promote it. There is also a good, but expensive, Thai restaurant, Kentons fish bar, two Greek restaurants and a Pizza Express. On the north side of the roundabout is Faces nightclub, a good place to meet minor celebrities.

Gary Monro said...

Hello Roger,

Congratulations on your election victory - and the significantly increased vote!

Labour sniping is to be expected. When you have nothing left that you can believe in or rely on within your own party your only means of engaging the enemy is not through out-witting or out-thinking them but by trying to drag them down below your own gutter-level.

Labour are a disgrace and their performance in Crewe has dismayed even their own, more decent, supporters. Sniping might be the best of their behaviour from now on...


sjm said...

There is a halal Chinese restaurant, the China Grill, at 140 Cranbrook Rd.

And there's a kosher Chinese restaurant, but you'd have to go to Hendon!

Next question for Boris: could TfL put in roundabouts at the North St/Eastern Ave junction, and at the ghastly Eastern Ave junction for King George Hospital?

Barkingside 21 said...

.... and do something about the Woodford Avenue / Clayhall Avenue junction?