Sunday, January 07, 2007

Spending a Penny

A constituency issue, from the December question time - but I understand the problem is quite widespread:

Roger Evans: It was reported in the Romford Recorder of 10th November, that residents are complaining of drivers on the 256 route using the garages in Fairlop Close to urinate. Understandably, residents see this as disgusting and offensive. What measures are you taking to ensure drivers do not do this, and have you ensured that there are suitable facilities for drivers on this route?

Ken Livingstone: I agree this is not acceptable, as does TfL.

TfL has purchased land on Suttons Lane, Hornchurch, with the intention of developing a well lit bus stand with toilet facilities. However, some further land is needed and TfL is in discussions with the local NHS to purchase the required extra land. Once available, TfL will submit a planning application to develop the site.

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Phil Taylor said...


One thing you might explore with TfL is the wider use of Tube station staff toilets.

At South Ealing near me there has been a problem with minicab drivers peeing in the bushes. Now the minicab company in the tube station is formally not allowed to use the station loo although in practice the office staff do I think. The individual drivers are not allowed. Why not? They are registered and known to TfL.

It is a breach of the workplace regs to not provide loos for your workforce.

TfL should ensure that all station staff loos are accessible to all types of transport staff - maybe even passengers!

TfL should not be letting out any space on its premises if it does not come with the right to use staff loos otherwise the tenant will be breaking the workplace regs.