Friday, January 12, 2007

Music On Buses

Update from December's Question Time.

Roger Evans: You announced on 23rd November 2006 that you would withdraw the free travel concession from anyone who played loud music from mobile phones on buses, can you provide the Assembly with a timescale as to when this provision can be incorporated into the Behaviour Code, and can you detail to the Assembly what measures you will be taking to effectively publicise this?

Ken Livingstone: TfL is considering how to tackle the playing of music out loud in the Behaviour Code. In the meantime, TfL are focussing their attention on:

Discussions with the Department for Transport, to allow PCSOs also to enforce the Public Service Vehicle Regulations which prohibit the playing of music on buses.

Continuing the development of a campaign to reduce anti social behaviour and crime. This will include the playing of music out loud on public transport.

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Karaoke Kev said...

Good old red Ken! Stealing bus passes from little old ladies playing music. A true die hard socialist!