Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Spot the Bendy Part 2

Bus routes 25 and 86 run on similar routes in East London. Which uses articulated vehicles? (answer in the final paragraph of TfL's response).

Roger Evans: What was the level of fare evasion and ridership on the routes 25 and 86 since June 2005? What is the estimated level of revenue loss?

Ken Livingstone: There were approximately 20,300,000 passenger journeys made on route 25 during the financial year 2005/06 and approximately 10,200,000 made on route 86 during this same period. The revenue loss is as follows:

Route 25
Surveyed fare evasion rate 7%
Estimated revenue loss £62K - £73K

Route 86
Surveyed fare evasion rate 2.3%
Estimated revenue loss £10K - £12K

(estimated revenue loss calculated by: passengers per month x average fare paid x average % detected irregularity)

Articulated buses were introduced on route 25 in order to accommodate greatly increased demand. If TfL had introduced a greater number of smaller buses the cost of the service would have been more than the loss in revenue caused by higher fare evasion on articulated buses.

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