Thursday, August 24, 2006

Fare Evasion

August is a quiet month at City Hall, so here's an opportunity to look at some of the responses from mayor's question time in July. We've been trying to establish the level of fare evasion on TFL's articulated buses - with three doors the temptation not to pay is clearly too much for some passengers (note that average fare evasion across the whole bus network is 0.92%):

Roger Evans: What was the level of fare evasion on bendy buses during the months of June and July 2006? What is the estimated level of revenue loss?

Ken Livingstone: Total detected fare evasion on bendy bus routes for June 2006 was averaged at 1.42%. This gives an estimated revenue loss of approx £80,000. This is calculated from the estimated total number of journeys made on articulated bus routes during this period (10,870,000) and assuming each passenger paid an average of 0.52p.

July figures are not yet available.

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