Monday, September 10, 2012

Buster Challenge Quiz

On Friday I joined Romford Young Conservatives for their Buster Challenge Quiz Night. Named after Buster, Andrew Rosindell's dog and election mascot, the contest usually attracts stiff competition and this time was no exception.

I was the guest quiz master for the night, which included a two course meal, wine and as always, a raffle. The close race was won by the Terriers who narrowly beat the Chairman's Table. They are pictured with the trophy which they get to keep for a year, and YC chairman Josh Chapman.


Mrs Angry said...

Without wishing to seem unkind, if these are the Young Conservatives, how old are the rest of them? Mind you, they look like a bunch of troublemakers.

You should have asked local bloggers to put up a team, Roger. They usually know all the answers, I find.

Mrs Doubtfire said...

Glad to see Mr Evans out and about and enjoying hinself. All work and no play makes jack a very dull boy.