Sunday, June 03, 2012

A Jubilee Greeting

Several people have sent me this today - it seems quite appropriate:

On this Jubilee Sunday may we offer our thoughts, prayers and gratitude to Her Royal Majesty Elizabeth II for 60 years of service that she has offered our nation as well as every nation that she leads. I hope that you will join me in saying "God Save The Queen". I hope that your Jubilee Weekend is full of happiness.

The picture is of the largest Union Jack ever, in pride of place at the top of Romford Market.


Anonymous said...

And were you and your fellow AMs, (plus staff, friends and relations) in City Hall, Roger, to watch the river pageant from London's Living Room, or was it closed over the holiday weekend to save us the heating and lighting costs?

Roger Evans said...

No Anonymous, I was not there.

I understand that you needed a special pass to access City Hall and another one to get onto the More London site itself.