Saturday, May 05, 2012

Election Result

Thank you to everyone who worked so hard for a Conservative victory in Havering and Redbridge. The result was as follows:

Roger Evans             Conservative          53285
Mandy Richards       Labour                   49386
Lawrence Webb       UKIP                      9471
Malvin Brown           Residents Assoc      8239
Farrukh Islam            Lib Dem                 6435
Robert Taylor            BNP                      5234
Haroon Saad             Green                     5207
Mark Twiddy            English Democrat    2573
Richard Edmonds      National Front        1936

So I have been re-elected but with a reduced majority and this contest featured a considerable right wing protest vote. I'm very grateful to my constituents for placing their trust in me once again and I am very aware of the concerns that residents were expressing about the direction and effectiveness of the Coalition Government. Together with Boris I will be working hard at City Hall to reduce costs and to improve services over the coming four years.

The Conservative Group now numbers nine, which is just enough to approve the Mayor's budget and his key policy documents. Boris has just signed his acceptance of office so we are all set for the coming term.


Mrs Angry said...

That was a close run thing, wasn't it? While I was at Ally Pally we heard that your constituency was neck & neck, & I was surprised. Poor Mr Evans, I thought, a tear rolling down my cheek at the thought of no more Brian Coleman, and no more Roger Evans teasing for Mrs Angry.

Although we have our political differences, I must say that if it were not for reading your blog, I would have absolutely no idea what happens in the life of an Assembly member, as clearly our (ha -former) member does not believe in engaging with the electorate and accounting to them for his mysterious activities.

Luckily, you have scraped through, & will continue to delight the happy people of Havering for another four years, as if they haven't suffered enough ...

Even better, of course, Barnet has been liberated of the burden that is - was - Brian Coleman, with a sensational win for Andrew Dismore.

I note that you pledge to work with Boris to reduce costs and improve services: this makes me think that you do not really understand why people are so unhappy with Tory policies. Look at the success of your Residents Association candidate. Most voters want to protect services first: social care, the NHS - and reducing cost is not always their priority. Transport costs, perhaps - and that was a singular failure by Boris Johnson.

Finally, I was horrified to see the BNP candidate in your constituency receiving more votes than the Greens, and nearly as many as the Libdems. This is appalling, and representative of a move in sections of society disaffected & alienated by the major parties, and we all need to think about why that is so.

Anonymous said...

I am glad, people saw through Ken's Fare Deal, as nothing but raiding the London Underground treasury for political gains. We can't have under-investment in the Underground, it is too important.

Years ago, New York were charging $1 per journey. I felt Ken did the right thing in 2000 by getting the Yank who ran the Metro to help sort the Underground and I hoped we would end up with a system where we paid £1 per journey (not sure how they manage such cheap fares in New York). We are paying £7+ for a journey into Central London.

Ken was bragging about how he won the Olympics this morning on LBC radio (Saturday). There has been little regeneration in Newham.
Pointless, when you think the businesses that moved out of the Carpenters Estate which was home to 5,000(light industrial) jobs

Now Newham COuncil want to bulldoze the housing and tower block on Carpenters Estate to make way for University College London (UCL). Newham are funny, they say we don't want a "transient" population but want more families, but they are going to destroy many family council houses to make way for a University which has students (transient population with no money).

Newham already has the University of East London (UEL). So why need another university?

I have a feeling, Newham does not want regeneration, since they only care about Labour votes. I perversely think Newham create poverty to stay in power. How else can 100% be Labour?

It is time we booted out the Elected Mayor in Newham. He runs it like a dictatorship.

There has been no real regeneration in Newham. Only political speeches "we are doing this for the poor".....

Anonymous said...

Congratultions on winning!

Rog T said...

Congratulations on winning. I heartily endorse Mrs Angry's comment that your blog is the only vaguely readable source of information on the GLA.

Maybe as a public service, you could have a word with Andrew Dismore when he starts and show him how to set up a blog. I find it mildly irritating that the only member who can bothered to do this is your good self. It would be nice to get a Barnet specific version