Friday, March 09, 2012

Olympic Questions

On Wednesday we questioned Lord Coe and Paul Deighton from LOCOG about final preparations for the Games. My colleague Victoria Borwick is an official volunteer and she kindly modelled the purple and orange uniform at our meeting!

Ticket allocations for the 100m final in the stadium were discussed. 30,000 will have been bought by the British public; a further 15,000 will have been bought internationally, and in practise a lot of these will also go to Brits who have been quick off the mark on the internet; 15,000 will go to sponsors and these will be distributed amongst their staff and customers. Of the remainder, 10,000 will be taken by journalists, 2,000 by athletes and 2,000 by IOC officials. The rest of the seats will not be occupied as they are obstructed by large screens and media paraphernalia. There were some angry scenes as members from all parties accused LOCOG of secrecy over ticket sales - Seb will be pleased this was his last Assembly session.

Ticket printing was also raised. Of the five bidders, only two were British, and the bid from Arkansas represented best value for money along with the best compliance with contract requirements. LOCOG assured us that procurement rules and procedures had been followed.

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