Saturday, September 17, 2011

Flying The Flag

Today I attended a ceremony to mark the award of a Green Flag to Ilford War Memorial Gardens. The award recognises community involvement, conservation and heritage , cleanliness and good maintenance. Only the best green spaces receive the award.

Mayor of Redbridge Chris Cummins, local councillors and MPs Lee Scott and Mike Gapes were present as the flag was raised over the gardens.

Open House Day also meant that the War Memorial Hall was open for public viewing. In the last decade the Friends of the War Memorial have overseen the restoration of this important monument and improvements to the gardens. The Green Flag award is a great tribute to their efforts.

Flags are in vogue right now. A Purple Flag - recognising high quality night life - is being sought for nearby Gants Hill.


Mrs Angry said...

wrong colour shoes again, Roger: tut tut ... glad to see you're blogging again though - where you been? In Torquay with Brian Coleman?

Roger Evans said...

In Yorkshire actually, Mrs A. Enjoying fresh air and calm before the storm of the election...