Wednesday, April 20, 2011

City Hall Reshuffle

The sad death of Simon Milton meant that some restructuring would be needed - he occupied a position uniquely suited to his talents and it was unlikely that he could be replaced by one individual in the same role. The Mayor looks to have taken the opportunity to institute a wider reshuffle in preparation for the last year before the 2012 election.

Chief Of Staff and Deputy Mayor for Planning

This role is now taken on by Edward Lister, who has been leader of flagship Wandsworth council for almost 20 years, an impressive performance. I have known Eddie for a long time and this appointment recognises his considerable skills. He commands a great deal of respect amongst local government leaders, although he is less conciliatory than Simon and other political parties may be wary of him.

Deputy Mayor for Transport

Not before time, the upgrading of the transport advisor's post recognises the need to finally get a grip of TfL. Isabel Dedring will take on this role. She is an impressive American who came to London with Bob Kiley's team and moved to City Hall to serve as the environment advisor three years ago, following the Boris victory.

Daniel Moylan will also be doubling his time commitment as deputy chairman of TfL, so we can expect to see transport improvements take centre stage in 2011/12.

Economic Policy and Regeneration Advisor

This role will also be beefed up and taken on by Peter Rogers, the former chief executive of Westminster City Council, who has spent the last three years repairing and reorganising the LDA. With LDA functions being transferred to City Hall it makes sense to bring Peter across to oversee them. Peter's grasp of detail and unflappable performances at Assembly meetings have impressed members from all parties.


Anthony Browne moves to the Boris campaign team with the job of writing the 2012 manifesto. He is a very bright guy, fizzing with exciting new ideas - exactly the right person to be thinking big thoughts as the election approaches.

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