Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Evening Standard Poll

It turns out that the prospect of trains without drivers has not left passengers "filled with dread" as one comment on the last thread suggested.

Tonight we have the result of a poll in the Evening Standard. The question was:

Would you be comfortable using automated Tubes with no driver?

The response:

YES 67%

NO 33%

So, approval of the Mayor's comments by more than two to one.


Mrs Angry said...

Ah yes, Mr Evans - the Standard - marvellous ... A journal universally admired for its fearless scrutiny of Boris Johnson and all things Tory, as we all know!

RoHS said...

That's good!

Anonymous said...

The Docklands Light Railway (DLR) is automated and runs without drivers. Of course, there is a passenger attended, but all he/she does is walk in the carriages and can close door to signal the train to move on. The DLR has been runnning since the late 1980s, so a proven technology. No accidents on the DLR. The attendends get paid £17k, so much cheaper the tube drivers....