Monday, June 28, 2010

Armed Forces Day

The sun shone for Armed Forces Day in Romford on Saturday. Troops marched down South street, through the market place, finishing at the Town Hall where they were welcomed by the Mayor, Cllr Pam Light. Councillors staged a collection for Help The Heroes - pictured are Cllr Rebecca Bennet, Cllr Linda Trew, and Cllr Lynden Thorpe.


weggis said...

Did you have any trouble while taking those photos?

Roger Evans said...

That's a real shocker weggis - reminds me of the tourist who was arrested for photographing Walthamstow Bus Station.

I didn't have problems but I take precautions (apart from wearing a suit). The pictures were taken at the start and end of the march where conditions were calmer, there were fewer obstructions, and the subjects weren't on the move...

Erik G. said...

Well the press has caught on.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Roger, you write:

"That's a real shocker weggis"

Quite! Do you, as a conservative, believe in the rule of law?

The conventional theory of the state goes something like this. We, the people, united for our common good, deputize the police to apply our laws impartially. When they make up laws and attempt to apply them against some but not others, they usurp the sovereignty of the people, break the sacred bond between sovereign and subject, vacate any claim to legitimate authority, and destroy both the unity of the people and the legitimate public interest.

If you do believe in the rule of law, do you agree that to preserve it we must prevent the police from conducting themselves in this way?

Best Wishes,

Anonymous said...

Like the previous commenter, I would be very interested to know whether Roger Evans believes in the rule of law, also whether he plans to 'discuss' these events (particularly the conversations in the audio recording) with the local division of the Met Police.

Concerned London Resident.

Jim said...

Perhaps the good Mr. Evans believes in the preservation of order, and is prepared to let the law go by the by, except, of course, where it concerns the poor, in which case it must be rigourously enforced?

Roger Evans said...

Hi Jim, of course I believe in the rule of Law (and the preservation of order), but I think my definition is a bit wider than yours.

Right now I am reviewing the history of similar cases with the aim of raising a question for the Mayor. Meanwhile, watch this space...

Jim said...

Thanks Mr. Evans, you write:

"I am reviewing the history of similar cases with the aim of raising a question for the Mayor."

This is excellent news and I commend your efforts. Just off the top of my head here is a small selection of cases I urge you to look at.

David Mery was arrested in London for appearing "calm, almost too calm":

Stephen Clarke was arrested in Manchester for [not actually] taking photographs of a man-hole cover:

You will be familiar with the recent and highly relevant case of Marc Valee and Jason Parkinson:

Also relevant and highly memorable is this video by Darren Pollard of Birmingham, whose property is invaded by police claiming he can't take videos of them from his home:

Principled Fitwatch activist Emily Apple was brutally assaulted and then arrested after proposing to take a photograph of an officer in public. It's all on video:

Artist Simona Bonomo was harrased at length by security guards backed up by the police in the city of London:

Renowned architectural photographer Grant Smith has been repeatedly harrassed even after the met issued their now famous guidelines and ACPO claimed that all chief constables had passed them on to their officers:

There is even a case where the BBC, no violators of public order they, complained of being harassed for taking a photograph of a sunset at St. Paul's Cathedral:

Thanks for doing this. I look forward to your updates.

On matters theoretical you write:

"[O]f course I believe in the rule of Law..but I think my definition is a bit wider than yours."

I'm eager to learn how you define "law" more widely than as the general will of the people. Surely you won't include higher mammals?

Best Wishes,

Jim said...

Here's another one, from February this year: