Tuesday, February 02, 2010


At the weekend I received an email from a friend who coaches senior managers. He claims that the vast majority of New Year resolutions are forgotten before the end of January - the 21st being the average date - and he suggests that we should reaffirm them at the start of February.

This year my own resolutions were quite basic:

Save money - in January I lost money.

Lose weight - in January I put weight on.

Clean up my flat - I'm not ready to welcome visitors just yet.

Resume regular blogging - the lack of progress is all too obvious. Rog T even suggests I have been gagged by CCHQ...

So I'm turning over a new leaf in February. It's salads for lunch and back to the gym, which is already looking less crowded than earlier in the year. Less eating out, less gratuitous spending, and more blogging of course. The charm offensive begins tomorrow morning when Dave Hill interviews me for one of his podcasts.

Meanwhile, does anyone know a good cleaner?


morris hickey said...

Lost money? Did one of your two local authorities fail to pay your allowances? Perhaps they paid in Icelandic Kroner.

Rog T said...

A good cleaner?

I hear Gordon Brown's brother is good. He certainly gets well paid!

packaging supplier said...

Cleanliness is the basic and essential thing. My New Year resolution is to keep my city and country clean. This is a big responsibility to fulfill and spreading awareness in people about healthy and clean environment which is a necessity of life.