Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Boris in Ilford

This morning Boris visited Ilford Fire Station to switch on the new solar panels which are set to provide a large part of the power the station needs.

GLA Leads The Way

The station's energy overhaul has enabled it to save over 40% of its carbon emissions. A further nine fire stations, ten police stations and 22 TfL buildings have made changes allowing them to save on average 27% of their carbon emissions - and even more importantly, over one million pounds from the public sector fuel bill. Another 58 buildings are scheduled for modification but unfortunately many of the older fire and police stations do not lend themselves to the programme. Eight percent of London's emissions come from public buildings so there is considerable scope to make further savings. The NHS has expressed an interest in adopting the LDA led project for their buildings.

And of course saving fuel saves money...

Ilford High Road

On the walk back to the station the Mayor was joined by local councillors and Toby Boutle, the Conservative candidate for Ilford South. The reception from locals was overwhelmingly positive, belying Labour claims that 'the honeymoon is over'.

Boris visited several small businesses and was pleased to hear that in their experience, customer numbers were rising despite Labour's recession. The London economy has been more robust than the national position and it is good to see that the effect has spread to outer London as well as the centre.

The Mayor also encountered a group from the Aldborough Hatch Defence Association, protesting about the abandonment of lift works at Newbury Park. TfL have left the Central Line station in a terrible mess and just at a time when passenger numbers are rising due to the regular weekend closures of the main line to Liverpool Street. we have transport questions next week and I will be seeking some answers from Boris...


sjm said...

Wasn't it lucky the visit was not scheduled for Tuesday afternoon?

The whole of East London comes to a virtual standstill for more than 10 hours because of an accident in the Blackwall Tunnel, and not a police or traffic officer in sight to help the traffic to move!

What will happen during the Olympics if a similar incident occurs? Whoever is responsible for such negligence needs serious re-education (I have seriously censored myself here).

morris hickey said...

If the responsibility rests with TfL then it's not re-education that's required, but an adequate supply of P45s.