Monday, September 14, 2009

Gants Hill Delays

Depressing news reaches me from TfL. During the work on the roundabout at Gants Hill, they have unearthed 'unidentified utilities', and this now means that the project is going to be delayed considerably. The pipes and cables need to be traced and then diverted to allow for the road works.

The original completion date of October 2010 has now been put back to April 2011 !! The carriageway will be returned to its previous capacity, with temporary traffic management measures in place.

TfL have undertaken to brief me regularly and to keep Redbridge Council and local stakeholders informed as the work progresses.

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morris hickey said...

What a bloody disgrace! TfL should be doing more than just keeping Redbidge Council and you informed, Roger. TfL grab their funds from residents' pockets and their potty traffic schemes have already turned Barkingdside, Gants Hill, Ilford Town Centre and Ilford Lane into "no go" areas. Even the buses can't get through!! They owe Redbridge residents, as well as would-be road users, an explanation and regular (at least monthly) updates.

Does Peter Hendy even have the skills needed to lead a pub quiz team?