Thursday, April 23, 2009

St Georges Day Celebrations at Leadenhall Market in the City

Boris and Gary Rhodes toured businesses and met City workers. I was there too with Tony Arbour and Westminster Cllr JP Floru.


Rog T said...


Love the red tie & the rose. You look like you've had a New Labour makeover.

Marvellous !

AdamB said...

It all looks a bit quiet there. Where were the adoring crowds?

Roger Evans said...

There were quite a few well wishers, plus a collection of press photographers and some bemused tourists who followed Boris around. I was very lucky to get such a clear shot of the Mayor and Gary Rhodes standing on the bus, but then I gave up trying to get more and went off to snap the pearly taxi, knights in armour and some elected representatives who weren't attracting such a crowd.