Saturday, March 28, 2009

Romford Conservatives

I spoke at the Romford Conservatives AGM last night. It was a very upbeat evening with no signs of disunity and a shared determination to rid the country of Brown and NuLab at the earliest opportunity.

Part of the meeting involved awarding trophies to individuals who have contributed to the association in the last year. The evenings Oscar winners were:

The Margaret Thatcher Trophy - for outstanding contribution to the association: Cllr Eric Munday.

The Winston Churchill Shield - for the branch that has made the most progress: Pettits Ward

The Norman Tebbit Cup - for outstanding electoral success: Cllr Roger Evans AM.

Yes, that last one was me, following the 2008 election where I almost trebled my majority. Actually, I think half the cup belongs to Boris Johnson, who energised the whole campaign and raised turnout all over London. The local resident's association also deserve some recognition for deciding not to field a candidate this time. And I'd like to thank my parents...

The association also took delivery of an outstanding picture of Lady Thatcher, donated by the Misir family. It is pictured above and will hang in pride of place at the association HQ.


morris hickey said...

Oh, the abused apostrophe - and the omitted ones!

Boombastic said...

Nice blog.

morris hickey said...

So who won the Alby Tebbutt prize for political diplomacy?