Tuesday, January 13, 2009

372 Bus Route Changes Rejected by Mayor

Following a sustained campaign from residents and opposition from all parties at Havering Council, the proposed route changes to the 372 bus have been rejected. In November a petition objecting to the plans was presented to the Mayor. Today I received his response:

This proposal was developed in response to Havering Council's long standing support for investigation of ways to serve areas of the borough which are relatively remote from the network. TfL has continued to discuss the proposal with the council as it developed. In this instance TfL has decided not to proceed, a decision which is supported by the council. TfL will write to stakeholders shortly to confirm this decision.

A rare victory for local people and one that would not have happened under the previous mayor.


morris hickey said...

Excellent. Any chance that the Mayor might achieve improved reliability of route 462?

Roger Evans said...

Let's give it (another) go. Deadline for next question time is monday so I will try to get one in for then.