Sunday, December 07, 2008

Elm Park Makeover

Yesterday the Elm Park councillors, together with local residents and Simon Jones, our candidate for Parliament, spent several hours clearing up a piece of ground next to the station. The area is right in the middle of Elm Park and it regularly becomes littered with bottles and cans thrown over the fence by inconsiderate scumbags. Because nobody claims ownership it is very difficult to get it cleaned up and weeds were also sprouting.

Supported by the CCHQ social action team, we removed several bags of litter and weeds, before laying gravel on the site, greatly improving the look of the town centre. I was with them in the morning, but missed the conclusion of their efforts as I had to be at a coffee morning in Ilford, but full details are available on David Grantham's blog, including pictures.

I have borrowed one of his photographs, as my camera wasn't working too well - think I know what I will be asking Santa to put in my stocking...

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David Grantham said...

Your reference to my blog's photos is of course an admission that I won the first-to-blog prize on this occasion....

Your early departure to other commitments means you missed out on two great traditions when working on these projects - plenty of cups of tea and a certain amount of waiting around for a vital component (we ran out of the plastic membrane at one point).

We look forward to Stage 2!