Sunday, March 02, 2008

Post Office Protest

Yesterday morning I spent several hours protesting outside post office in Woodford Avenue with local councillors. Feelings are strong and only one person refused to sign our petition, which Ilford North MP Lee Scott, intends to present to the government.

Many of the customers were older people who were worried about the extra distance the closure would force them to travel. I also spoke to a local businessman who was concerned about the security of the alternative post offices, and to a Labour supporter who was happy to sign our petition because he agreed with the cause.

Five post offices are slated for closure in Redbridge and there is widespread anger and concern. I worked for the Post Office for ten years back in the eighties when there was often talk of privatisation, but never of implementing cuts as deep as this. I can't understand their psychology, but one of their representatives is coming to see me on Monday, so perhaps they will explain.

And our London 'watchdog', Postwatch has been pretty toothless about this as well. Some of their comments show a resignation to the cuts, rather than a desire to fight for the customers.

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judith said...

I recall reading very recently that these closures must be implemented because subsidising them means the Govt is contravening EU anti-competition regulations.

But why they removed TV licence renewal from the PO I cannot comprehend.

Still, as long as Brussels is happy, who are we peasants to object?