Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Nanny State

Some politicians can't stop interfering:

Jenny Jones: Would you support a ban on the sale of fois gras in London?

Ken Livingstone: I have no powers to ban foie gras or any other food.

And a good thing too! I have never eaten fois gras or hunted foxes and I don't smoke, but I support the rights of those who do...

Jennettte Arnold: What action would the Mayor propose taking to ensure that the law protects all bus users from the harmful effects of second hand smoke while waiting at stops?

Ken Livingstone: As you are aware the recent legislation applies only to structures that are more than 50% enclosed and is applied to all bus stations in London, and also the 660 bus stops fitted with shelters that meet the criteria. The law is enforced by officials from the London boroughs.

Better carry a tape measure to check that shelters meet the criteria before lighting up, or indeed before complaining about someone else lighting up. It may be good for public health, it will certainly be good for the lawyers...


666 said...

The alternative to the Nanny State is to ensure that people make informed decisions. Would you support that?


OK I know that site is asking for a ban but would you support legislation requiring some of those pictures to be placed on the product packaging?

Roger Evans said...

No - the packaging is part of the product and it is up to the manufacturer and retailer to decide what goes on it. By the same logic, why not show abbatoirs on all meat products, clogged arteries on chocolate cakes, oppressive acts on products made in China etc...

I do however support the right of people to show what they want, and promote their arguments, on the web, street stalls, adverts, leaflets and other media.