Friday, December 15, 2006

Hug A Blogger - You Know You Want To

This week I discovered that I'm not the only Assembly Member with a blog. My Labour colleague John Biggs, Member for East London, provides his own take on life in London at .

Unlike my own efforts, he provides pictures and gives details of his constituency activities. He also provides unstinting praise for Livingstone and the Blair government, which should provide relief for some of the people we've seen around here in recent days....

So what a shame that despite publishing since May and putting in all that work, the Biggs Report only records 24 profile views and two (!) comments. If you have a spare moment then do drop by and let him know what you think. Your comments don't need to be lengthy - just two words, even one, would be welcome....


John Biggs said...

Happy Christmas you old git!

Thanks for your thoughtful comments about my blog, and for the extra publicity I am always grateful for!

My blog is low maintenance, because unlike you I don't have the time!

Go easy on the mince pies.

John Biggs AM

MayorWatch said...


Just emailed you but if you want some free PR who about swapping links with us at ?